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Need an estimate for your Vancouver bathroom remodel job? Simply contact us or fill out our form, then Chad the contractor will contact you to schedule a good time to meet at your project. After taking measurements and discussing your project, he will get to work on figure out how much the total cost is going to be. He will quickly get an estimate price sent over for your renovation & home update project. 

Do you only need a smaller handy man job done? Just want to change that bathtub into a walk in shower? No problem! That is what we are here for. Big or small jobs, we can help you get your construction project finished. 

It doesn’t matter if you live in other towns around Clark County, Wa because we do contracting jobs in Battle Ground, Camas, Washougal, Ridgefield, La Center, & Woodland. If you live further out then give us a call and talk to us. We always make exceptions. We just recently did a remodel project out in Stevenson, Washington. 

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    Laundry Room Remodel Before
    LAUNDRY ROOM BEFORE: With utility sink that was rarely used. Very tight space. Not enough room to do laundry.
    LAUNDRY ROOM AFTER: Now with doggy shower for their 3 dogs. We removed pieces that were robbing space and now the room is so much more open and practical.
    Shower Remodel Before

    This was a fun remodel. The customer approached us wanting to know about possibilities of making their laundry room into a storage room. While we were there discussing ideas, we came up with the possibility of a doggy shower. The customer already had a utility sink that they were not using and was taking up way too much space. They have 3 dogs and live on 5 acres with horses and a horse arena. You can only imagine the kind of dirt that the dogs track in. So we put together a plan that would update the look of the room, increase space for moving, brighten up the space with recessed LED can lights, and add in a walk in tiled dog shower. These pictures are not the finished product, but you get the idea. Pictures do not do it justice. It was a very fun remodel for a home in Battle Ground, Washington.

    We Love Bathroom Remodels, but we also specialize in tile and flooring.

    Bathroom remodels are definitely our most favorite projects because they can usually be completed in a quick time frame and the before and afters are so dramatic. As a contractor it is a very rewarding experience to see your creation come alive. For example when you remodel a kitchen there is usually a lot more involved so it can take a little longer to see the fruit of your labor. We still love kitchen remodels, however the bathroom is a true joy to create.

    If you are looking for a home remodeling, construction company, or renovation general contractor then Haagen General Contracting is a home remodel company that can get your renovation job completed in the best way possible. We can help with bathroom remodel ideas and help with everything from start to finish. First we have to get a conversation started about your project. We can do most any remodel projects, and we generally cover the Vancouver Washington, and outlying areas. Do you just want a new walk in shower? No Problem! Maybe something smaller like a new vanity, backsplash, or tile? Perfect. We install cabinets, tile, showers, tubs, etc. Maybe you want a doggy shower added to your laundry room or garage… yes we do that to! Contact us about your renovation project idea, and we will help brainstorm.

    We do bathroom remodels in these Washingon cities & beyond...

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    The Old Bait & Switch

    Unfortunately all contractors know that most customers will choose a contractor based off low price. So many contractors will give a low estimate on purpose in order to get you to choose them. Then once they are in your house and have already torn everything apart, that's when they drop the bomb on you. Uh Oh... this is going to cost more money because of blah blah blah. This is real... and it happens all of the time. They do it because it works.

    Start Fast Finish Slow

    Another major tactic that is used by most contractors is to get the job started. However they always have other jobs going as well. So they juggle all of the jobs. So they will come in one day to work for a few hours and then they disappear for days, and sometimes weeks. We had one a customer where they took six months to do a job that should have taken 3 weeks tops.

    Estimates Weeks Later

    As soon as you decide you want to remodel your bathroom, you want an estimate ASAP! Most contractors will come to your house quickly to check out the job and measure, however the estimate wont show up for days or weeks. We pride ourselves on how quickly we can get an estimate back to you. A lot of times we can even come out same day and get you a written estimate that evening.


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    "I have used Chad & his team at "Haagen General Contractors" for many projects at my home, and at our business headquarters. I have dealt with probably over 15 contractors over the years. Chad is the only one who has taken the extra step to protect the environment that he works in. He gets bids back to me insanely fast. I've had many contractors show up, waste my time talking about the project and take measurements, then they tell me I'll get an estimate in a few days. Many disappear never to be heard from again, or they take weeks to get me the estimate. Its a joke. Chad is hands down the fastest contractor I know when it comes to getting me an estimate.
    Chad has never changed the price on me in the middle of a job, even after finding some things that I know for a fact others would have charged me for. There are never any surprises. I am friends with my other contractors, but getting them to finish the job is like pulling teeth. I've never had to pull Chads teeth. He gets it done, and he does whatever is necessary for me to be happy. I know construction very well now and do a lot of the work myself when I have time. That ability allows me to know when someone is cutting corners. I very rarely am happy with other contractors work and I always have to ride them in order for them to not cut corners. In fact I hate having chad come to jobs that I allowed someone else to do because he always starts pointing out all the corners that were cut.
    I've tried to hire him to come work for me because I've witnessed his administration abilities are next level (true story), but he turned me down. At least we get to work together in other ways like him remodeling my laundry room right now. Its hard to find good people in the construction industry. He is a diamond in the rough. Good contractors are like good mechanics, once you find a good one... keep them. Stay away from Chad... I don't want him to get too busy, I want him freed up for when I need work done.


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